Total success: 180 marketing professionals came all the way to our User Conference ”RoadMap 2014“ to Cologne

28. May 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

IMG_6844_loOur first European BrandMaker User Conference ”RoadMap 2014“ was a huge success. 180 attendees from nine different countries followed our invitation to Cologne. On the evening before the conference, many of them took the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in an informal setting on our dinner cruise. The day after the actual event started with the conference titled “Power back to the Marketeer”.

Keynote speaker Matthias Ehrlich, President of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (German Federal Association of the Digital Economy, BVDW), outlined the lessons marketing officers need to learn from CFOs in order to restore marketing to its status as a key interface of the company involving strategic responsibility. In “How to Combine Marketing Brain and Marketing Muscle”, US marketing expert Rex Briggs examined the interaction of effective customer targeting and efficient marketing operations. Insights into how BrandMaker solutions support day-to-day marketing operations were given by Claus-Henning Wahl from Deutsche Bahn subsidiary Schenker, Jochen Mauch from the largest electrical buying group EURONICS, Michelle Cornu from chemical giant Bayer, Thomas Herrmann from energy supplier EnBW, and Anna Vilhelmsson from car manufacturer Volvo. Our Vice President Romek Jansen rounded out the conference by outlining how we will anchor our technology more firmly in the corresponding corporate processes and thus advance as the central marketing platform.

To give you an impression of the conference, we posted several pictures in an online gallery.

If you are interested in what the speakers had to say, you are welcome to download their slides at

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BVDW-President Matthias Ehrlich wants „Power back to the Marketeer“

2. May 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

bvdw_matthias_ehrlichFor marketers, is there an escape from falling into the operational trap of day-to-day business? Yes, there is! BVDW-President Matthias Ehrlich explains how in his keynote-speech at our User Conference “RoadMap 2014”: by learning from CFOs.

The introduction of wide-ranging digital controlling tools has enabled corporate CFOs to get rid of their image as bean counters to establish the strategic importance of their position. Instead of only displaying yesterday’s figures, their mostly machine-generated KPIs today deliver important impulses for proactive corporate governance. Similarly, decisions in the marketing sector must ultimately be based on the transparency of such systems, which must manage marketing processes with the same efficiency as the products of SAP and their ilk provide to the financial sector. “Marketing will then be able to regain its status as a nerve center with strategic corporate responsibility, instead of being dependent on external service providers”, insists Ehrlich, a leading European expert in digital marketing and a former board member of 1&1 Internet AG and United Internet Media AG.

Are you trapped in day-to-day business as well? Then join us at our BrandMaker User Conference “RoadMap 2014” on May 15 in Cologne. You can find further information and a link for registration at:

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