Hotel intermediary HRS books our Marketing Efficiency Cloud

11. June 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

hrs-logoHRS – Hotel Reservation Service are introducing a centralized, multi-language Brand Management platform based on our BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud. Through this new platform, HRS will further support the internationalization of the HRS Group, HRS,, SURPRICE Hotels and Tiscover brands. HRS is the leading online portal to more than 250,000 hotels worldwide in all price categories.

Through the new platform, HRS will make all of its marketing assets available to their employees in Brand Marketing, PR and Corporate Marketing as well as to their external partners. All of the materials are managed in our BrandMaker Media Pool, a Web-based marketing asset database which can be accessed 24/7. The new Brand Management platform allows 25 power users and more than 1,000 “read only” users to access the latest versions of more than 4,000 images, over 100 videos and templates for a wide range of advertising material. By utilizing our Web-to-Print module, HRS can now customize marketing communications and create brand-compliant advertising material quickly and cost-effectively.

Thanks to the introduction of our BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud, HRS now has the benefit of a centralized, Web-based platform for all marketing assets, allowing this fast-growing family business to increase the efficiency and consistency of its marketing and communication processes.

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