Hermes delivers its message even more efficiently

26. November 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Hermes 2012The international retail and logistics service provider Hermes uses our Marketing Efficiency Cloud to optimize the efficiency of its marketing processes and centralize its media asset management. 12 specialist enterprises operate under the Hermes brand, providing high-demand worldwide services throughout the added-value chain in the retail industry. With the help of the Marketing Planner and Media Pool modules, the company is increasing the efficiency of its marketing planning, avoiding duplications and reducing its agency and research costs for managing and supplying images and other media.

The central brand management and marketing management for the 12 Hermes enterprises worldwide is executed by Hermes Group Marketing. From now on, staff can use the BrandMaker Marketing Planner to design and assess all of their campaigns centrally, both online and offline. All activities are displayed simply and clearly. As the central media database, our Media Pool enables the assets to be consolidated, converted and distributed while also simplifying approval processes and license management. With the Marketing Efficiency Cloud from BrandMaker, every marketing representative at Hermes can now work in one single web-based system that provides them with constant access to the same consistent and centrally available data.

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advertzoom to become part of our Marketing Efficiency Cloud

7. November 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

BrandMaker_Logo_lo_10advertzoom will be integrated into our Marketing Efficiency Cloud as its “Digital Marketing Center”. We acquired the cloud-based SaaS solution that enhances efficiency in planning, implementation and performance evaluation for online campaigns and will incorporate it into our suite of solutions. This gives users new capabilities for integrated cross-channel management and digital marketing activity tracking. By combining the new module with our Marketing Planner and Reporting Center, companies can implement overall top-down planning and bottom-up performance-related reporting across all channels. Axel Amthor, former managing director of advertzoom GmbH, has joined us as senior product manager to oversee the continued development of the solution.

In the Digital Marketing Center, digital campaigns are planned and fed into the appropriate social marketing and advertising channels, while their results are collected and clearly presented as part of an integrated dashboard. The module provides every online campaign with a unique ID as the basis for automated performance evaluation. By integrating these functions into overarching marketing planning processes and tracking the results, a closed loop is created that spans all process steps from transparent planning to efficient implementation and actionable reporting. The Digital Marketing Center includes interfaces to all leading tools and platforms, among them Google AdWords, Facebook, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Webtrekk and AdClear.

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