Bridge the gap between marketing and sales

30. April 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Logo_RoadMap2015-300x128In the past, cooperation between marketing and distribution often was like a case of “one hand does not know what the other one is doing”. But a smooth cooperation is a very important part of a successful sales approach. “Marketing must make a verifiable contribution to the success of sales,” stated our CEO Mirko Holzer. On May 20th, at our 2nd International User Conference in Cologne, we show how the upcoming Version 5.8 of our Marketing Efficiency Cloud bridges the gap between marketing and sales with the integration of systems for customer relationship management (CRM) and the new Media Pool Mobile component, improving the interaction of both areas. Version 5.8 offers a wide range of specially tailored features that bridge the gap between marketing and sales, including an integrated approach – and on the system side, covering the marketing process as a whole while using appropriate company portals. With this release, the focus is on integration with Salesforce, the world’s leading SaaS solution for customer relationship management.

The new component Media Pool Mobile is designed for sales representatives to use during trade fairs or sales consultancy meetings on location. The actually relevant advertising materials and product information from the Digital Asset Management module can be selected individually, shown live, and made available directly during the meeting. The use of any number of media formats from corporate libraries permits more focused contact with the customer as well as accurate tracking of how customers uses the information that was provided to them.

The Digital Marketing Center is a completely new module in Version 5.8 of the Marketing Efficiency Cloud. The module, designed for cross-channel planning, monitoring and performance control, closes the gap between traditional marketing on the one side and digital marketing and eCommerce on the other. The Digital Marketing Center enables digital campaigns to be planned and implemented in their respective channels, with the results aggregated automatically.

The RoadMap 2015 conference is aimed at marketing decision makers and anyone interested in current technical developments and proven best practices in marketing technologies. For more information and registration details, please see

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The Who-is-Who of Marketing to be guest at “RoadMap 2015“

8. April 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Logo_RoadMap2015-300x128The program is set up, the provisional agenda is published, our 2nd International User Conference “RoadMap 2015” with its motto “The Future of Marketing is Agile” may occur.
That U.S. marketing guru and blogger Scott Brinker ( headlines the event as keynote speaker was fixed for quite some time. Today we are pleased that a wide array of customers from diverse industries have agreed to present application examples and case studies. Among others, this list includes technology company Hewlett-Packard, hotel reservation agent HRS and toy manufacturer Hasbro.

Jakob Bayer from Hewlett-Packard will show how HP integrates its global channel partner program into HP’s own marketing with the help of our solution. In another example, participants will learn how Hasbro, famous for classic board games such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, is using the BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud in a different way: The company uses our technology to organize the localization of its advertising and graphic material. Further application examples will be presented by marketing experts from the Swiss technology group Oerlikon, European hotel agent HRS and the American data center company Equinix. In addition to the customer use cases, a range of technology topics will be presented at “RoadMap 2015” to give an overview of future developments in marketing resource management and marketing process optimization. Roundtable discussions have been added and will cover topics such as “Taking Brands Global” or “How to Manage Central Procurement and Licensing of Digital Media Assets” in depth.

For further information and registration see

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