Benefits of Software as a Service: Agility, Cost Efficiency and Security “from a socket“

24. July 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Neu-BitmapWhen you are planning to introduce a new software solution, you are being faced with the question: Purchase it or rent it? We prefer the latter, to be precise, the Software as a Service model (SaaS). We have briefly summarized the reasons for this and the benefits our Marketing Efficiency Cloud as a SaaS solution offers.

Unlike traditional purchased licences, SaaS has one big benefit: companies can act much more flexible, beginning with the implementation of the software solution. While planning, conception, and the other related stages in non-SaaS projects can often last for many months, a SaaS project can go live within a much shorter period of time. Users simply access the SaaS solution using PC, web browser and internet access. No installation on local computers, no complex IT rollout.

Maximum Agility
Whether the number of users grows or additional branches want to work with the modules that are already in use, a SaaS solution that meets the business processes of entire departments offers the maximum level of flexibility. The Marketing Efficiency Cloud grows with the customer’s requirements and can be scaled according to current needs. The benefit: customers start off with their selected modules and functions and can implement their overall vision step-by-step.

Flexible and cost-efficient
Even in commercial regards, flexibility pays off. Since with the SaaS model customers only pay for the modules and amount of users they need. The range of hardware resources, such as memory space, is tailored to the individual customer’s requirements. Therefore it is not surprising: studies from various analysts prove that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of SaaS solutions is significantly lower (typically from 3 to 5 times less expensive) than a solution operated by the company itself.

Secure Enterprise Solution
Customers can also rely on BrandMaker’s SaaS solutions from important “background issues”, including backing up and restoring data. The available disk space provided does not include just the volume for the live system and the corresponding usage data, but rather, sufficient capacity for a test system. The daily backups minimize the risk of data loss and ensure maximum system availability. By using cryptographically secured transfer methods such as HTTPS connections, a high-performance and secure connection to internal company systems is simple to establish.

You want to learn more about BrandMaker’s SaaS solution? Our latest whitepaper “More Marketing Efficiency – In An Instant” is available for download here.

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Advisory Board at BrandMaker: Uli Veigel Becomes Chairman

9. July 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Uli_Veigel_loUli Veigel, one of the most successful representatives of the German marketing communications industry, becomes Chairman of our Advisory Board! Formerly as CEO of the Grey 2 Group Germany/CEE from 2004 to 2012, Veigel was responsible for the German and Central Eastern European Grey businesses and clients. With branches in over 80 countries, Grey is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. Since 2013, Veigel has managed the global customer General Electric Healthcare MR as executive vice president of Grey New York. Since 2014, Veigel has provided strategic brand consultation with his own company, specialized in brands and brand management in disruptive environments and in transforming business models.

“Technology should help companies to control complexity and not make everything more complicated,” comments Uli Veigel. “The systems currently available enable marketing managers to stay in control of the process, instead of completely outsourcing strategic resources, processes, and know-how to external service providers. It is great that a German technology vendor is a front runner internationally in this regard and I gladly bring my long-standing expertise to the service of BrandMaker.”

Our CEO Mirko Holzer adds: “BrandMaker is a technology provider that, according to analysts, is the only one of the global leaders in the MRM market to demonstrate a clear core competency in marketing. I am very pleased that Uli Veigel, a leader in marketing and communications, now joins our advisory board alongside well-known personalities from the IT industry.”

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