16. August 2016
by AJ Brown

Six types of content that create better leads and shorten sales cycles

One reason why sales doesn’t use all the available marketing materials is because the content just doesn’t do the job. If marketing is able to prepare proper information and start sharing it with prospects before there is contact with sales, marketing can prepare a better “sales ready prospect”. Making prospects “sales ready” can only be done by making marketing materials “sales calibrated”. Continue reading

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Make Customer Engagement Educational and Close More Deals

1. August 2016 by Stephan Nobs | 0 comments

success_blogAs a B2B buyer, the best possible customer journey you can experience is when the trip feels educational, convenient and when it continuously makes you look forward to reach the destination. You had a business need, went searching for a solution, learned a lot and now it’s fixed. Probably even more important, you have no buyer’s remorse and feel like the entire process was just what it needed to be. No spam, no clutter, only relevant and enjoyable messages. Continue Reading →

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