Marketing budgets

9. October 2017
by Stephan Nobs

The consequence of moving marketing budgets away from branding to lead generation

Late last year, leading analyst firm IDC predicted that businesses’ marketing budgets will increasingly reallocate funds- with a third of today’s “awareness” budget being redirected to later stages in the buyer journey by 2019.

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Make Customer Engagement Educational and Close More Deals

1. August 2016 by Stephan Nobs | 0 comments

success_blogAs a B2B buyer, the best possible customer journey you can experience is when the trip feels educational, convenient and when it continuously makes you look forward to reach the destination. You had a business need, went searching for a solution, learned a lot and now it’s fixed. Probably even more important, you have no buyer’s remorse and feel like the entire process was just what it needed to be. No spam, no clutter, only relevant and enjoyable messages. Continue Reading →

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3 Failure Points to Avoid in your Digital Marketing Planning

14. July 2016 by Stephan Nobs | 0 comments

If I say the number “918”, it probably won’t immediately ring a bell. Still, it’s an important number.

918 turns out to be the average number of unique content-touchpoints to facilitate a typical customer journey for a brand today. It takes an average of 7 touches to convert a “suspect” to a “prospect”, and often another 9 and 11 touches before a deal closes. Continue Reading →

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How to Dismantle the Exploding Workload of Digital Marketing

7. June 2016 by Stephan Nobs | 0 comments

Psychologist often say “we live in a modern world with a prehistoric brain”. Well, for marketing you could say “we live in a digital world with a pre-digital organizational mindset”. The rise of digital, in combination with the “cleansing effects” of the 2001 and 2007 recessions, has completely changed the scope and the role of marketers. Although roles and expectations have changed, reality shows that the organizations and processes in which most marketers operate, still party like it’s 1999. Continue Reading →

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Why You, Dear CMO, Should Get a Mentor From a Startup

14. March 2016 by Stephan Nobs | 0 comments

Starting up a business is easy. Being successful with a startup isn’t. The hard and bleak truth is that 9 out of 10 startups fail. The reason? As the back cover of the bestselling book TRACTION reads, “Most startups don’t fail at building a product. Most startups fail at getting traction.”

Digital Marketing turns out to be the decisive skill for a successful startup. It finally puts marketing at center stage. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? Continue Reading →

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Three Epic Themes Changing The World of Marketing Planning Forever

4. February 2016 by Ralf Gesswein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

It’s February. The New Year’s resolution and prediction season on LinkedIn has finally ended. Time to start executing and make it all happen.


But instead of executing the polished and agreed-upon plan, you just hit the save button for your newly adjusted plan. It’s only four weeks into the new year and you already changed your 2016 Marketing Plan. What happened? Click here to find out!

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The Who-is-Who of Marketing to be guest at “RoadMap 2015“

8. April 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Logo_RoadMap2015-300x128The program is set up, the provisional agenda is published, our 2nd International User Conference “RoadMap 2015” with its motto “The Future of Marketing is Agile” may occur.
That U.S. marketing guru and blogger Scott Brinker ( headlines the event as keynote speaker was fixed for quite some time. Today we are pleased that a wide array of customers from diverse industries have agreed to present application examples and case studies. Among others, this list includes technology company Hewlett-Packard, hotel reservation agent HRS and toy manufacturer Hasbro.

Jakob Bayer from Hewlett-Packard will show how HP integrates its global channel partner program into HP’s own marketing with the help of our solution. In another example, participants will learn how Hasbro, famous for classic board games such as Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, is using the BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud in a different way: The company uses our technology to organize the localization of its advertising and graphic material. Further application examples will be presented by marketing experts from the Swiss technology group Oerlikon, European hotel agent HRS and the American data center company Equinix. In addition to the customer use cases, a range of technology topics will be presented at “RoadMap 2015” to give an overview of future developments in marketing resource management and marketing process optimization. Roundtable discussions have been added and will cover topics such as “Taking Brands Global” or “How to Manage Central Procurement and Licensing of Digital Media Assets” in depth.

For further information and registration see

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A clear decision

26. March 2015 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

KonzernzentraleA company whose perspective is the main guarantor of its success in the truest sense of the word, is Schott AG. Schott offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality products made from special-purpose glass and ceramics. Represented by production sites and sales offices in 35 countries, the specialist glass manufacturer is an innovative partner for companies in a wide range of sectors including home appliances, pharmaceutical, electronics, optics, automotive, and aviation industries. This widespread presence sees the company face the challenge of appealing to sometimes considerably different markets and target groups with specific local information that needs to be both CI- and CD-compliant.

To ensure homogenous brand awareness for its extensive product portfolio, Schott AG, a member of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, employs four high-performance Marketing Efficiency Cloud modules: Media Pool for Digital Asset Management, Web-to-Print for adapting CI-compliant print layouts for local markets, Marketing Shop for processing order processes for marketing materials centrally, and the Smart Access module for intelligent user guidance – that´s Marketing with perspective.

”The BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud modules meet the vast majority of our requirements. We were also impressed by its functional depth and usability,” says Birgit Werner, Project Manager for the Marketing Management Platform at Schott AG. BrandMaker CEO Mirko Holzer continues: “We are delighted to welcome Schott as the latest innovative and globally successful company to use our solutions as an aid for its marketing efforts in such a diverse range of industries, including automotive industry, electronics, optics, and pharmaceutics.”

(Picture source: SCHOTT AG)

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Schletter increases Service Quality with Media Pool

11. April 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

BrandMaker_AB-Schletter_Firmengebaeude_SchletterSchletter GmbH uses our Media Pool media database as a central management system, providing structured access to its round about 20,000 media assets. A highlight feature of Media Pool is its permanent link to Schletter’s shopping and service app, enabling the company to upload automatically updated mounting instructions, product data sheets, brochures, and checklists from Media Pool to the app.

Schletter, based in the Upper Bavarian town of Kirchdorf, develops and manufactures light alloy products in the fields of solar mounting systems, traffic engineering, trade fairs and promotion, and environmental engineering. Founded in 1968, the family-owned company operates more than 20 branches all around the world. The solar technology experts introduced our web-based media data base Media Pool in May 2012, with the aim of extending their rigorous standards of sustainability and innovative strength throughout their marketing operations.

It’s a huge benefit that all of Schletter’s media assets and versioning information are now stored centrally and can be rapidly located using the integrated search function. And because there is no need to manually update the media assets in the Web shop or app, the company saves an enormous amount of time. In future, Schletter plans to give their customers the opportunity to download all documents using Media Pool: Users are provided with a clearly arranged choice of topics that enables them to find what they are looking for fast, without having to crawl through all lists of search hits. Schletter also uses Media Pool as a tool for all-round document management that helps the company improve its customer service.

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Always the same – all around the world

19. March 2014 by Ralf Geßwein (BrandMaker) | 0 comments

Quelle_QUIAGEN_PR_2It’s no easy feat to ensure a consistent market presence when you got to coordinate employees in over 35 subsidiaries in more than 25 countries. Biotech market leader QIAGEN utilizes our Brand Management Portal to master this challenge.

The global provider of biological sample preparation and test technologies for life sciences and molecular diagnostics is thus optimizing its brand presence and ensuring compliance with its Brand Guidelines. The Brand Management Portal enables QIAGEN to keep its employees all over the world informed about changes to the comprehensive Brand Guidelines. In addition, our Brand Management Portal simplifies cooperation with partners and service providers for the biotech market leader as QIAGEN can ensure that the latest version of its brand information is always available online via the central platform.

With the Brand Management Portal from the BrandMaker Marketing Efficiency Cloud, QIAGEN is able to create a company-wide central point of contact for all information relating to its brand. This means that the company can ensure compliance with the CI as well as a consistent external appearance and increase the value of the brand. Thus we help QIAGEN to fulfill its high requirements for the presentation and the management of its brand.

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