Five Signs That Your Company Needs a Marketing Portal


Maybe the last thing you want to do is deploy more technology, or perhaps you think your marketing operations are already running like a smoothly oiled machine. But here are some indications that you might need a helping hand:

1. Your collateral is not totally aligned to your brand guidelines

Take a look at ALL the collateral you produce – from your website to your product sheets. Are they all recognizable as coming from the same company? Is your current logo/ typeface/ color profile being implemented correctly? And what about the style and tone?

This consistency should extend to all interactions that your customers and partners have with your business – everything from your tweets to how people answer the phone should be consistent. Does the expectation of quality/ speed/congeniality that you have carefully constructed match with actual customer experience?

If not, a centrally managed asset library with templated collateral will ensure that all available documents are the absolute latest version.

2. Your materials aren’t all up to date.

When managing a plethora of different documents and publications across a decentralized organization, it can be challenging to ensure that updates to important elements such as messaging, pricing or product portfolio are implemented everywhere. Do you know what your sales teams are sharing with customers? Are there rogue DIY materials in circulation? We’ve all come across cases of wildly outdated PowerPoint templates in circulation years after having being officially retired…

By maintaining a central library that automatically updates all instances of anything from a logo, product pricing to your earnings statements, every time that someone in your company shares that document – you can be sure it’s the most recent version.

3. You are failing to meet compliance requirements

Many industries, such as financial services, life sciences organizations or pharmaceuticals are scrutinized by regulators – whose conditions often change and whose reporting requirements are often onerous.

If you aren’t consistently meeting your obligations, or you are missing your deadlines, as identifying and collecting relevant materials takes too long, this is another indication that you need to implement more structure. But you can’t afford to let this slip – this is an area where failure to keep on top of all product claims and wording could land you in hot water.

By deploying a portal with product information management capabilities you can easily manage all collateral that relates to any given product or service – and quickly roll out updates to any elements across all incarnations. You have information about all versions at your fingertips and collating to report back is a breeze.

4. You just aren’t getting stuff out on time

Is there a time delay between announcing a new product and the roll out of all relevant information to your markets and regions? Does managing the localization process take forever? Is there a clear approval process in place?

Don’t let limited resources or regional part-time marketing staff hold you back. You can expedite your ability to roll out all new materials by breaking documents down into a series of templates that have a clear workflow that encompasses approvals and even translation.

5. You have no visibility over what your regions are up to

It’s pretty common to hear that central marketing or brand management teams have no idea what’s happening once their carefully crafted collateral leaves HQ. Perhaps your regional teams are creating their own documents as you don’t have anything appropriate available? Or are they still using older versions?


How did you do? Most businesses will struggle with one or more of these issues. If you aren’t quite on top of all of them, the structure and processes of a marketing portal might be what you need to help manage your company information and ensure that your brand is being perceived as intended. If NONE of these issues apply to you – we think you must already be getting a helping hand from a marketing portal…

Why a portal might be right for you…

A marketing portal is composed of three core elements –

  • At its heart is a digital asset management capability to store all the assets you own – from photographs to product sheets.
  • Of course, you need a user friendly front end or interface to make it easy to find and manage your materials.
  • Then you need a way to templatize all your content – some form of web to publish functionality. This will help you to transform your content into bite sized chunks that can be quickly adapted, updated or localized.

A fourth element that is nice to have for many, and a must for any regulated market or industry is Product Information Management. This allows you to identify how messages, or information are applied across all your products and brands – allowing you to report back quickly when required. For more information click here.

Stephan Nobs By Stephan Nobs

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