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Is there such a thing as the best MarTech solution? Probably not. There are so many different industries, go-to-market models, maturity stages of organizations, that a one size fits all MarTech solution would never work. That’s why at BrandMaker we take a modular approach to offering products.

Our modules allow marketers to mix and match functionality and to create whatever application fits their business needs. We are proud that today more than 250 blue chip companies, equally distributed over multiple industries, use BrandMaker to plan, budget and execute mkt. activities and engage with their customers at scale. It proves that the combined modules serve a wide range of business needs and use cases.

Although customers can combine modules as they like, some specific combinations are used more than others. With thousands of marketers using the tools, interesting patterns start to appear. We decided to offer the most popular combination as a bundle. We named it the BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal.

Four best-in-class products bundled into one portal

BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal is a solution for B2B sales and marketing teams that need more control over shared assets and better access to them. It is a simple and easy-to-use content portal that allows sales teams and channel partners to quickly find and customize content using self-service, online templates.

BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal brings together four best-in-class products making it a snap to manage, share and distribute assets for maximum sales impact.

  1. Media Pool: A robust digital asset management library for centralized control and distribution of marketing content. Get rapid access to digital and multimedia content such as images, graphics, brochures, banners, audio files and videos. Easily convert your assets into the target format, and then download or send your assets. Or refine assets further for localization or customization.
  2. Web-to-Print: A collection of online templates for print and digital, to enable Sales to intuitively localize and customize publications. It enables employees and partners to produce print-ready, customized, localized marketing materials without the need for complex and expensive design software.
  3. Marcom Portal: A client branded marketing micro site that’s easy to navigate, guiding users toward relevant marketing content. ,Staff, agencies and other stakeholders can use it as a knowledge base, or to gather inspiration. It’s an essential tool for sharing brand information.
  4. Reporting Center: A dashboard that helps to make quick and well-informed management decisions to improve the impact of content. It consolidates key numbers and statistics from other BrandMaker modules, combines it with external data sources where required, and displays key insights in customizable dashboards.

Content Marketing Portal

This combination of four modules solves a marketing challenge that applies to many industries: how to fully benefit from created content, and how to customize content for local sales needs.

Want to see how it works?

No more fumbling for the latest versions of digital assets or materials; now your sales team and channel partners have everything they need to localize and produce materials quickly and easily. With built-in reporting and analytics, the new Content Marketing Portal is your dream for tomorrow that’s here today.

Take 20 minutes of your time to learn more about BrandMaker Content Marketing Portal with a personal demo.

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