BrandMaker is Revolutionizing B2B Marketing with New Software and a Unique Methodology


More mature sales leads with the Customer Engagement Cloud

BrandMaker, the leading European provider of marketing software, has launched its new Customer Engagement Cloud (CEC) which is transforming B2B Marketing. The innovative platform is changing the way that marketers

address prospective customers: rather than sending all leads the exact same content (push marketing), CEC allows them to send each prospect targeted content based on their customer profile (pull marketing). In this way, CEC is able to send each prospect on a personalized and automated customer journey – while simultaneously providing the sales team with more mature leads.

From push to pull – prospects determine their own content journeys

The classic approach to marketing involves sending everyone the same content in the hope that some of the recipients will eventually buy your product. The trouble is, this “push-marketing” approach sends prospects content that most likely is of no interest to them whatsoever. According to Stephan Nobs, Chief Marketing Officer at BrandMaker, “Bombarding leads with content that does not reflect their interests or their understanding of your product or industry is entirely ineffective. In fact, this outdated approach results in a lead mortality rate of 98 percent.”

That’s why it is time for a new approach: to transition from push marketing to the more respectful pull marketing. Specifically, this means enabling prospects to choose from different types of content that address his/her specific interests. This kicks off the prospect’s personalized content journey, that he/she is able to actively determine, and which can be easily maintained over many months.

CEC closes the gap between marketing and sales

BrandMaker uses the sophisticated technology of its Customer Engagement Cloud (CEC) to enable this new approach. Supported by web-based software, marketers can offer their prospects a variety of content pieces via a “private” platform. The prospect can then select the most appropriate content depending on his/her needs. The software also lets the marketer know what content piqued the prospect’s interest, how long he/she interacted with it, and how often it was shared. CEC allows a marketing team to build the detailed prospect profiles that sales teams demand.

Nobs continues, “The Customer Engagement Cloud allows us to close the gap between marketing and sales teams. It’s not just a case of making marketing more efficient. It also increases the likelihood of closing a deal – as a result of more satisfied, mature leads”.

Stephan Nobs By Stephan Nobs

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