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A portable DAM is the key to aligning the interests of marketing and sales. The quickest and most scalable way for sales reps to engage with prospects is to share existing content, from wherever they are and at any moment. Skillfully crafted content actually gets consumed, to maximize marketing performance.

Marketers spend a lot of time, budget and passion on creating content. But the most effective marketers know that their job doesn’t end with uploading a shiny new content piece to a database. Their business card might say “Content Marketer”, but that is only the name of method they’re using to get things done. The main goal for a marketer is to influence customer behavior.

Creating content to craft a complete customer journey is only one step of a two-step process. Creating a message is one thing, making sure that message reaches the customer is another. If your content remains locked up in a tool, it’s worthless. If you work with field teams, and they aren’t sharing your content with prospects, you miss out on a massive opportunity.

You need to make sure your content gets to where your customers are, and make content part of field teams’ conversations. The solution? Going mobile! With Media Pool Mobile, your field teams will be able to send supremely relevant messages to prospects from wherever they are, at any moment.

In search of a sale, rather than a content piece

Sales reps want to sell… and they’d rather do so yesterday than next month. Their quarterly sales bonuses depend on it. Stats prove that sales teams already spend at least 25% of their time on administrative tasks and searching for the right content. That’s three months a year.

Unless they can be 100% sure your content helps them to close deals, they will not spend an extra minute trying to locate that content piece you so carefully crafted. If they have to invest time without knowing if it will help them to close deals in the short term, the willingness to share marketing content will quickly fade away.

Non-usage rates for content are 60% to as high as 90%, depending on who you ask. That’s a pretty clear signal sales reps can’t find the content they’re looking for, or that it isn’t relevant enough for them to use. A lot of content creation effort is going to waste, but sales reps don’t usually feel bad about that. If it takes longer for them to find relevant existing content than it takes to write a quick email from scratch, who could blame them.

The key to maximizing marketing effectiveness is aligning the needs of marketers and sales reps. The easiest way for field teams to make a (quick) sale should be to localize and share existing marketing content to the right prospects. With the right technology, that is possible.

Portable DAM. Marketing excellence in your pocket

If you’re already using a centralized Digital Asset Management (DAM) system like Media Pool, great. The next step is to bring your skillfully organized content to the place where the deal is closed, or should be closed. Media Pool Mobile will make your DAM portable.

Using Media Pool Mobile, field teams will have all the content they need on a mobile device, clustered into easy-to-access folders. Corporate marketing material may be accompanied by sales items that are locally created, or they can be individual sales reps’ personal favorites.

With the right technology, sales reps will be able to motivate a particular prospect to enter an extensive, automated customer journey, without ever losing sight of the prospect. Whichever path your contact takes, it will always remain linked to the sales rep that started the conversation. Sales reps will be able to follow up along the way with a personal call and prove that it was their initial effort that eventually made the deal.

Media Pool Mobile aligns the interests of marketers and sales reps. The quickest way for sales reps to secure their bonus is to use your skillfully crafted marketing content as originally intended. It maximizes the combined output of marketing and sales. What a time to be a marketer…. or a sales rep, for that matter.

How a sales rep turns a visitor into customer – step by step

Here’s a chronological illustration of how marketers and sales reps work together, enabled by Media Pool Mobile:

  • A visitor walks into a store and asks about the functionality of product ABC. The sales rep shows the visitor a video on a mobile device about how to use the product. Then, the sales rep asks visitor if he/she should forward the asset. In doing so, the sales rep turns an unknown store visitor into a known contact within minutes of the first encounter.
  • Later, the visitor views the video at home. Accompanying the video are related content pieces that can be consumed after the video is viewed. By mapping which content the contact has viewed, a customer/content profile is built over time.
  • From now on, content recommendations and automated, highly targeted promotions can be offered in the name of the sales rep.

A tool to align marketing and sales…. to maximize marketing performance

With Media Pool Mobile, sales reps will be able to fully utilize their unique position, close to the customer. The easiest way for sales reps to impress prospects will be to distribute existing marketing material, from wherever, at any time. Content that gets made actually gets consumed. The interests of marketing and sales will finally be aligned, to maximize marketing performance.

Stephan Nobs By Stephan Nobs

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