BrandMaker recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave(tm): Marketing Resource Management


Recently, the esteemed analyst firm Forrester released The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2018 report. Marketing teams manage an abundance of brands, campaigns, and assets to reach their audiences via multiple channels, devices, and tools.

As there are ever more fragments of resources to manage, it is becoming important to master marketing through MRM software. The report offers a great starting point.

We are excited to be able to share The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2018. The report by Rusty Warner and Ryan Skinner is based on the analyst firm’s evaluation of the “most significant” eight providers of Marketing Resource Management across 35 criteria.

Forrester’s analysts recognize BrandMaker for excelling at enterprise brand management. The platform “…outrivals peers for brand management overall”. It received the highest score possible in 18 criteria, including User Experience, Product Vision, Innovation Road Map, Commercial Model, and Delivery Model.

Read more in The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management, Q3 2018, where the eight leading providers are evaluated.

Why Marketing Resource Management Is Critical for Enterprises

MRM is the connective tissue between the many operational aspects of marketing. It gives teams an overview of what’s going on, which campaigns are working or not, and where the money is going.

The topic is more relevant than ever. The accumulation of channels to reach customers make it a daunting exercise to create integrated campaigns and to keep track of all the details. The ongoing content and budget fragmentation paralyzes many marketing organizations.

As digital engagement and predictive technology advance, marketers continue to fine-tune their processes with campaigns that are highly-targeted and audience-centric. They need a platform to collaborate and develop the right content that fits individual buyer’s journeys at each stage.

As the Forrester report states, “Marketers today are making decisions about how to manage these interconnected resources, either with intent or by default.”

MRM software is required to support the full content lifecycle, from planning, to execution, to measuring ROI. Consequently, an increasing number of enterprises expect to invest in MRM technology over the next couple of years to deal with this challenge.

The advantages of connecting teams, assets, workflows, and measurement becomes apparent fairly quickly. According to Forrester, many MRM buyers saw ROI within a year or two. It is exciting to consider what will be possible in the near future, and how these capabilities can help teams win in the age of the customer.

Building the Next Generation of MRM Software

BrandMaker is delivering the next generation of marketing resource management software and intends to remain at the forefront of MRM’s evolution.

To meet modern marketing’s fast pace and high demand, it’s required to provide enterprise-focused capabilities that are integrated with other sales and marketing functions, and to guarantee brand control across the enterprise.

Next generation MRM solutions integrate traditional MRM capabilities, like marketing planning, budgeting, reporting, workflows and approvals, with Digital Asset Managementand content customization functionality in one connected platform. In order to manage marketing campaigns across the enterprise, it’s crucial to run these systems together in perfect harmony.

Below are four additional functional areas that marketers should expect from a future-proof marketing resource management platform.

  1. Digital Asset Management: a robust digital asset management library that serves as a single place to control and distribute assets.
  1. Product Information Management: a marketing tailored PIM system to efficiently and automatically manage and optimize product data like size, weight or any other metric.
  1. Content Marketing Portal: a central portal that allows staff, agencies, and other stakeholders to access, adapt, and order brand-compliant media.
  1. Sales Enablement: functionality to put asset sharing in the hands of sales teams, and to generate detailed engagement statistics beyond click-throughs.

Staying Ahead: New Features Coming Soon

BrandMaker strives to continuously stay ahead and transform marketing practices.

Expect more powerful features that align marketing and sales through integrated digital asset management and CRM capabilities. Our Salesforce app is ready and brings marketing content right into the hands of sales representatives for use in Salesforce campaigns.

Another focus area is related to facilitating new agile ways of dealing with the complexities of enterprise marketing. The improved look and feel of our project management tool delivers an entirely new user experience when executing campaigns, jobs, and tasks.

From the next version onwards, you can switch views and choose to see important project data as a table, in a Gantt chart or as a Kanban-style board, allowing you to drag and drop tasks.

Download Your Complimentary Copy

To make the right strategic decisions, discover what Forrester analysts have to say about the MRM industry.

Forrester analyzed and scored the eight most significant MRM vendors using their 35-criteria evaluation process. The resulting analysis is unbiased and highly detailed. It includes innovative and unique insights from consumers, business leaders, exclusive executive peer groups, and more, to help transform tomorrow’s marketing organizations.

Download the report to see how BrandMaker and other vendors stack up in The Forrester Wave™.

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