What are the 10 Top Practices from the World’s Most Successful Marketing Teams?


More work, less time. This is how the fundamental changes in marketing in recent years can be summed up in just four challenging words.

You can read what we learned about how leading marketers get their resulting marketing chaos under control in our latest eBook “10 Top Practices from the World’s Most Successful Marketing Teams”. Click here to download your free copy of this useful guide.

The ‘Evermore’ Problem

Comparison of workload of a marketing team from 15 years ago to today

With the explosion of digital content and channels, the demands on marketing teams have increased enormously. They have to create and distribute ever-growing amounts of content in evermore variations for evermore products, evermore end devices, evermore channels in evermore languages. For example, marketing professionals today manage 12 times as many agencies and carry out 6 times as many projects as 15 years ago – in only 15% of the time!

Managing budgets and campaigns successfully

Understandably, senior marketing leader are looking to create operational structure that is still agile, where the data and people are always up to date, and a positive customer experience results from orchestrated collaboration of numerous external agencies.

We found that leading marketers have come to the point of realizing that they can’t excel in their external marketing without mastering management of their internal marketing operations.

Marketing operations from budget to brand

The eBook walks through ten categories of marketing operations management that marketers need to bring under control. Here are two that epitomize the need.

Budget – With more media and audiences, planning and monitoring marketing budgets becomes much more complex. Visibility becomes critical. Read how major marketing organizations are using technology effectively to oversee the process and know the status of budgets around the world in real time.

Brand – One of the ultimate challenges of global brand marketers is to deliver uniform brand content while adaption to myriad different local product sets, cultural preferences, and regulations. This is made even more complex when partners are part of your go-to-market process. Marketers strive to reliably deliver content through multiple channels and globally in a unified corporate design.

The eBook shows how leading global groups get the ability to respond quickly to market changes and to deliver increasing personalization by increasing their visibility into operations that previously took too long, too many resources, or just were not possible to see.

Other topics in the eBook

Managing a marketing organization is about a lot more than budgets and brands. Dedicated short chapters address how major marketing teams are getting visibility and staying on top of their need to…

  • Unite around a single version of the truth
  • Manage campaigns holistically through their entire lifecycle
  • Make work flow from clear workflows.
  • Simplify with an approval process you can approve of.
  • Plan global. Manage local. Market individually. 
  • Get a DAM to make any damn progress.
  • Serve your customers with the best, latest product info.
  • Be able to demonstrate your value!

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