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Announcing a new eBook with best practices on escaping Excel hell (and more)!

My! How we have changed! Not.

Stop and think for a moment about how much the tools of marketing have changed since you started your career. Maybe programmatic advertising was a big new thing (or on the horizon). Now it’s just one layer in your adtech “stack”. Maybe you judged the impact of your first campaign on how many clicks it generated. Now you have attribution tools, intent data, and ROI based on your MQLs.

But here’s one thing you’re likely still using pretty much the same way you were years ago – Excel spreadsheets.

Sending the classic spreadsheet 88 % of spreadsheets are faulty as an email attachment is still the most common way of coordinating project or budget planning, presenting figures, or distributing processes to project members. Everyone knows those monster Excel tables, which are revised and updated by each colleague who receives a copy along the way, but in the end, they are still never up to date.

We can’t excel with Excel anymore

But how good is the data we are creating and sharing and making decisions on? One frequently-cited analysis of spreadsheet data found that 88% of Excel spreadsheets are faulty. Yikes!

As we become more “agile” and “data-driven”, the potential for making poor decisions due to “bad data” grows exponentially larger! With our patchwork of Excel spreadsheets cobbled together, we become our own worst enemy! There’s got to be a better way!

Fortunately, we believe there is. At BrandMaker, we work with many of the largest consumer (and business) brands in the world. We see what it takes to manage brands across borders, business units, and budgets. So we identified the 10 top practices of global marketers into one compact eBook (get your copy). You can bet that one of those topics is finding one version of the truth, which we will highlight here, but get the other nine in the ebook.

Less is more.

What we have found many leading marketers are doing is to implement a central, shared data platform throughout the marketing organization that eliminates the need for multiple competing spreadsheets running up and down the halls and showing up at awkward times in management presentations!

A central platform gives the marketers on their teams the ability to jointly process documents, figures and data. This way they can be sure that all participants are always up to date and errors are minimized. The entire marketing and budget planning can be handled via this platform. And best of all, this operational platform can be easily integrated into the existing system landscape. For example, current data and figures can be imported daily from the accounting software, giving you total cost transparency in real time!

But wait – there’s more!

The best way to say goodbye to monster Excel tables and to increase your data visibility can be found in our latest eBook “10 Top Practices from the World’s Most Successful Marketing Teams“. Read about the other nine best practices of global marketers into one compact eBook (get your free copy).

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