16 Mind Blowing Marketing Stats


As you’ve noticed, marketing is becoming more complex every year. Marketers are required to achieve more in less time. Clearly, it is time for marketers to step their game up, not by working even harder, but by working smarter. But how?

This generous list of stats will explain in numbers how your peers are managing content and processes, how they’re using marketing technology to get more things done, and what they do to maximize MROI.

Once you know how others are doing, what works for them and what doesn’t, it’s easy to identify ways to improve the impact of marketing for your company.

We’ve categorized the stats in four groups:

1. Reaching audiences with effective content

If your messages don’t reach your audience, you’re not doing marketing. To generate sales, marketers need to create content that engages their target audience across all funnel stages.

These stats show that many marketers are still struggling to get their messaging just right.

2. Scaling content production and processes

You can’t grow your company by ‘accidentally’ producing a few great content pieces from time to time. To build long-lasting customer relationships, marketers need a never-ending stream of engaging content.

These stats show that ambitious marketers are pretty capable when it comes to streamlining marketing processes and content production.

 3. Identifying and utilizing the right MarTech tools

You can’t be a productive marketer if you don’t utilize the MarTech tools on offer. To maximize output per hour, marketers need to know exactly which tech to use.

These stats show that marketers acknowledge the potential of MarTech, but that current tech capability leaves something to be desired.

4. Managing investments and returns

You can’t be a successful marketer if you can’t define success. Marketers need to measure the right KPIs, and spend wisely to improve performance.

These stats show that marketers generally know their priorities well.

Now, without further ado, let’s go.

16 Mind Blowing Marketing

So there you have it, an informative yet easy-to-consume list of marketing stats.

Three numbers that impressed us the most:

  • 12% feel successful at their current efforts to strategically manage content.

  • 18% say their content can frequently be repurposed without major human intervention.

  • 57% say increasing marketing ROI is a primary objective of their marketing utilization strategy.

If you’re want to know how the right MarTech tools can help you scale your marketing, contact us!

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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