Five Key Elements of ‘Enterprise-Proven’ Solutions


Managing in Chaos

We think it goes without saying that global marketers today are operating in an increasingly complex and challenging world reflected in the explosion of content, channels and media.

In comparison to 15 years ago global marketers on average are managing 12x as many agencies, 6x as many projects and doing it in only 15% of the time. Add to this the fact that management expectations are higher now than ever before with an ever-increasing focus on metrics and KPI’s.

With over 7000 martech vendors competing for your attention, it can be almost impossible to identify the right enterprise system solution to address your marketing resource management needs and, as importantly, one that easily fits into your martech landscape.

Five Paths out of Chaos

So what should you be looking for in an enterprise-grade marketing system given the challenges and complexity your company is facing?

1. Flexibility to reflect your specific processes

Your enterprise marketing system needs to adjust to your needs, not the other way around. Simplicity and flexibility are key attributes…from changing a template to creating custom reports.

2. Role-based access to content and data

Your system should have the ability to provide only pre-defined, relevant information for each of your users. It is equally important to avoid confidentiality breaches by hiding restricted information.

3. Fluency to translate multi-currency, multi-metric, multi-lingual data

You won’t be able to make significant progress unless your enterprise marketing system can manage and translate dollars or euros, inches or centimeters, English or Chinese. Your system should give you visibility to the whole market in whatever format you want and allow you to switch whenever you need to.

4. Connectivity to synch with other key enterprise tools

Enterprise-proven marketing systems should integrate easily with a variety of other enterprise management software components. The net result is on connected marketing platform that increases data accuracy, reduces administrative burden and boosts productivity.

5. Security

Top-level enterprise data security is quite simply a mandatory requirement. There is no alternative or compromise possible when it comes to customer data and back-ups of your entire campaign history and all the lessons learned. The more your system is becoming a marketing hub, the more business critical it becomes.

Our Perspective

As a company, we’ve been helping enterprise marketing management in companies all over the world, across numerous industries and in a broad spectrum of martech environments build a marketing management system that truly delivers what is needed and, more importantly, what is promised.

Over the last ten-plus years our marketing resource management (MRM) solutions and expertise have kept abreast of the needs of enterprise marketing system requirements, enabling us to be a leader in this increasingly important segment, as identified by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™.

Learn about Enterprise-proven MRM in this guide.

A Client Perspective

“I had a ‘eureka’ moment when I found BrandMaker. BrandMaker offers more than we can currently consume, but we have the appetite. We know we can achieve more. At the end of the day, we are able to speak with one voice, have one source of truth, and do much, much more with the budget we have.”


Vicki Frost, Strategic Content & Campaigns Director, Vertiv

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