Insuring Value From Your Martech


Implementation is Important, But That’s Just the Beginning…

Congratulations. You’ve made a decision to finally get control of your marketing operations by looking at what marketing software makes the most sense for you and your company.

As you begin to evaluate your options, it’s important to look at what services will be available to you after you’ve implemented your martech solution…

  • Specifically, what services will be offered to you once the software is installed, or more specifically,
  • Will your martech resource be a true partner in your onboarding process or not?

While the marketing management segment has been growing and gaining more interest by enterprise marketers, BrandMaker has worked with hundreds of enterprise clients for over a decade on continually improving our implementation, and equally important, our on-boarding through adoption and integration. Over this time, we’ve continually refined our best practices to ensure that your onboarding process is 100% successful.
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Your Martech Implementation is a Journey

Our approach is to be with you during your marketing transformation journey. As a result, we’ve developed five services to help you get more from your technology investment:

1. Implementation Consultancy

Helping you to mold the tool to your business needs.

2. System Integration

Helping you to synchronize data across tools to save time and increase accuracy.

3. Customer Success

Helping you to boost system usage and adoption to meet your business goals.

4. Upgrade Services

Helping you to flawlessly add new features when you are ready.

5. Support Services

Helping you to respond to daily questions so you can quickly focus on your customer again.

Our Perspective

At BrandMaker what we are most proud of is the partnerships we have developed with the best marketers in the world. Together with our customers we keep pushing the outer edge of what enterprise-grade marketing software can and, importantly, must do!

Many of the best-known brands in the world trust BrandMaker for their marketing campaign management. It’s a partnership that requires commitment from both sides. That’s why long-term relationships are important to us. In fact, the first three BrandMaker customers are still customers today and are helping us shape the future of marketing resource management (MRM).

Over the last ten-plus years our marketing resource management solutions and expertise have kept abreast of the needs of enterprise marketing system requirements, enabling us to be a leader in this increasingly important segment, as identified by Forrester Research in The Forrester Wave™.  According to Forrester Research, BrandMaker has the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the MRM market today.

A Client Perspective

BrandMaker is our go-to-tool for the future of our global marketing infrastructure.
(Shana Murphy, Global Marketing Operations and Planning Manager, Avantor.)

If you want to know how the right MarTech tools can help you scale your marketing, contact us! We’d love to chat!

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