BrandMaker is a 2020 Leader in MRM per The Forrester Wave™


The world is changing for enterprise marketers. The speed and scope of change is increasing. Many global marketing departments are looking to the next-generation MRM solutions to bring new ways to tame these challenges.

The search process is rigorous – a lot is on the table. Forrester Wave Report Info

Independent research can bring perspective. Forrester is a trusted name in reporting on technology solutions.

The Forrester Wave™: Marketing Resource Management, Q1 2020 Report cites BrandMaker as a Leader in MRM.

I’d like to share some direct quotes from that Forrester Wave™ report:

BrandMaker delivers a suite for marketers’ needs today, with an eye on being agile. Karlsruhe, Germany-based BrandMaker offers a full, modularized suite of MRM capabilities…

BrandMaker takes a very pragmatic approach to MRM. It understands marketers’ realities of ad hoc, Excel-based marketing management and has built an intuitive, flexible platform in response in order to encourage and support more Agile methodologies…

One customer reference attributed a smooth implementation to the strength of the platform, saying, “The underlying technology and workflows are logical, and the UI is strong. BrandMaker was strong enough and agile enough to work with us as an individual customer.”

Strength and agility are extremely important in these turbulent times. Marketing requirements change on a dime – rarely can we forecast demand but we must always respond. BrandMaker is your bulwark against chaos, with flexible management of budgets and campaigns, the tools to optimize collaboration and speed up content creation.

Why this Forrester Wave™ report is both very timely and very important

It’s not your imagination. Global marketing has gotten harder:

  • Enterprise marketers today manage 6x as many campaigns – but with just 1/6 the time to complete them!
  • The demand for fast-turn, segmented, translated, and personalized content is growing insatiably, content creation is where a marketing team shines… or drowns
  • Unforeseen changes and worldwide disruptions jolt the process and require marketers to respond at a moment’s notice.

Per the Forrester Wave™ report:

As legacy on-premises MRM technology becomes outdated and less effective, newer cloud-based solutions that deliver a user-friendly interface to support an array of operational marketing use cases will lead the pack. Vendors that integrate strong financial planning and performance measurement capabilities with project management and content development tools position themselves to help their customers elevate the effectiveness of marketing.

Worldwide enterprise marketing requires the agility that only BrandMaker can bring

We are proud that our pragmatic, intuitive, flexible design and interface are recognized by independent research. We are even prouder of the results our customers have achieved:

  • Cut content production time up to 30% and cycle times up to 50%
  • Reduced approval lead times up to 45 % and product cancellations up to 60%.
  • Increased productivity up to 13% and profit margin up to 2.5%

I’d like to highlight two of the solutions in the BrandMaker suite that contributed to these independent research results. Also included are what clients have to say:

Budget Planning & Management: Real budget management in real time

This solution enables you to manage your marketing budget from a marketing viewpoint – with total visibility into your local, regional, and global numbers – what you’ve spent and what’s left – and the agility to make changes in real time to get more from your spend.

A clear view of the numbers. Clarity to know the story, tell the story, improve the story.

BrandMaker can increase productivity up to 13% from better budget allocation.

“BrandMaker has enabled us to speak with one voice, have one source of truth, and do much, much more with the budget we have.”

Vicki Frost

Strategic Content & Campaigns Director


Campaign Planning & Execution: Optimize campaign impact and efficiency

This solution streamlines project management across multiple geographies, stakeholders, and agencies with a single, central point of information and direction. It makes managing campaigns more efficient so you can make your campaigns more effective. BrandMaker can reduce cycle times of standardized jobs up to 50%.

“BrandMaker has given us an essential window into the operation of our marketing department, to manage our workflow and understand how to improve.Transparency and consistency are the two biggest benefits we’ve received.”

Jacqui Gilchrist

Senior Director Americas Marketing


What we do and why we do it

BrandMaker equips leading marketers to optimize the impact of their budgets, to apply agile marketing processes, to present a clear, compelling, and incontrovertible view of their performance, and ultimately to command the respect of corporate leaders.

Chances are, you know our clients more than you know BrandMaker. But that just reflects our style to focus on promoting our clients more than ourselves. We’re not just about selling software. We’re about helping you improve your processes so your “marketing superpowers” will shine through.

It’s a whole lot more than bits and bytes, speeds and feeds

Having worked with global marketers through their consideration and selection process, I think the imperceptible element that links all the requirements together is trust, which is difficult to establish and difficult to maintain. Perhaps the seed of trust can be sown by the results of an independent research organization. Perhaps, with an unflinching commitment to our clients’ success, that the seed will grow.

I invite you to read the entire report.

Mirko Holzer By Mirko Holzer

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