Volatile times require agile marketing


Being on the front line of global enterprise marketing, we view marketing operations as the supply chain. If it can’t be produced and delivered on demand and brand-compliant, the best ideas don’t stand a chance.

If we experienced volatility before, personally and professionally, it’s now on steroids. There are two possible responses for global marketers: 1. Fall behind; 2. Increase agility. We choose door #2.

Rigidity vs. agility

Marketing operations can’t be rigid, we’ve got to become more efficient, and increase our control. To do this, we need visibility into every aspect of our marketing operations so that we can automate and reengineer to respond quickly and intelligently to market changes.

Agility can be achieved faster and more comprehensively through a marketing resource management platform. One such platform, and one that the most recent Forrester Wave™ report cites as a Leader, is BrandMaker, which, with its interconnected suite of next-generation marketing resource management solutions, can give enterprise marketers the ability to respond faster, with higher quality, at a lower cost.

Agility in action: content distribution

Here’s an example from a colleague who works at a global manufacturer and services provider for the essential needs of data centers, commercial networks, and commercial and industrial facilities. This example focuses on perhaps the first step towards agility, with BrandMaker.

Vertiv has undergone tremendous growth, very quickly. Global marketing found itself with its marketing and brand-compliant assets, well, everywhere.

“Really, before BrandMaker we had nothing, no real system, no centrality to the global marketing organization. Well, we had our memories – where’s that logo stored, who did that great presentation, who are you using for translation…”

The addition of BrandMaker’s Digital Asset Manager provided a central repository of images, content, and templates, giving each region and each locality universal access to the most recent, accurate, and brand-consistent digital assets. This enabled an efficient reallocation of budgets, faster turnaround time, and greater capacity.

“Before we didn’t have the time or budget to do things, we were so busy recreating assets and training agencies. Now there’s so much less pain. We are so much more efficient. It’s so much easier to be consistent, to do a much better job of branding and messaging.”

A MRM platform for agility

You don’t gain agility all at once. There is a process and progression. Here are three of the BrandMaker solutions they have implemented or plan to implement, and the agility they are gaining:

“Every marketing group around the world goes here for templates, and case studies. Translation of documents is on demand. We can all see what’s been done at the local level.”

Vertiv is expanding their use of this feature, linking marketing, creative and design, product, branding, events, media, and communications. All content, product descriptions, white papers. images, photographs and graphics are digitally stored, indexed, and instantly available.

This is the next horizon for Vertiv, building baselines, tracking performance, identifying trends, and using the results to optimize future implementations.

The marketplace is volatile – no one gets an email saying it’s going to change and how – you need to respond as quickly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Agility is not just an answer, it is the mantra. Adopting an MRM system that can automate and actualize measurable improvements, and give you the ability to continue to improve, is a welcome addition to the stack.

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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