Suddenly, there was zero possibility of business as usual – how can marketing teams now effectively work together?


In a survey of CMOs conducted by Marketing Week and eConsultancy as the COVID-19 crisis hit, only 45% of companies thought that they should prepare for their employees to be working from home.

Then, all offices closed, one CEO remarked that “suddenly there was zero possibility of business as usual, not to mention the unbelievable impact on our customers. It felt like all the air went out of the room, like everything just stopped dead, total quiet.”

For many, the hit to productivity simply cannot be minimized. But some had the technology to bridge this chaos and get back to work. Their stack included a (MRM) platform.

The answer to chaos is marketing resources management (MRM)

There was a time when technology was called an enabler. Now BrandMaker’s MRM suite is THE enabler for global marketers.

MRM brings 3 essential levels of functionality to a world-wide marketing department in the jaws of a pandemic. (This is  not intended to be a comprehensive review, but a topline of significant, and competitively differentiating benefits.)

  1. Enhanced collaboration
  2. Real-time visibility
  3. Agility

Connecting the teams and the players, no matter where, no matter when

With a MRM solution, you don’t have to plan for connectivity, it’s baked in. MRM platforms are designed to link worldwide marketing teams, from the CMO to regional offices to remote resources to sales team in situ, wherever they may be.

The linkage is so much more than a phone connection or email accessibility. Its hub is the single source for all planning and workflows, so everyone understands the strategy and exactly what needs to be done and when, and who else is contributing.

All brand-compliant resources are instantly available via the DAM (document asset manager) and the processes for review and approval are streamlined. Everyone on the team operates as if they were around the same round table. Most importantly, this reduces miscommunication and errors, which slow the process.

Real-time transparency when it counts, and now is when it counts

Budget is the key element – what has been allocated, what has been consumed, and what is left. Easier when it’s your checking account, unfathomably difficult when budgets at different stages occur globally, regionally, and locally.

The MRM provides a real-time view of the entire budget process, beginning to end, which enables complete control, which is scarce amid this upheaval. Assess opportunity and reallocate budgets from where they made sense before to where they make sense now in addressing both marketing opportunities, as well as liabilities.

The agility to stay ahead of the curve

There are 3 elements to marketing agility: Speed, effectiveness, and responsiveness to changing conditions. All 3 reside on the MRM’s central platform, where all planning takes place. Everyone has all the information at their fingertips.

The central platform and its connectivity enable rapid content and messaging development and deployment. This is urgent, because while the brand hasn’t changed, the market conditions most certainly have, overnight. Communications must be revised per a heightened sensitivity. If not, the messages will fall on deaf ears.

The development workflow has been automated, greatly reducing the process time (and frustration). The automation also means prompt distribution, to get materials to where they are urgently needed.

MRM: continuous improvement powers optimization

While this certainly means faster time to market, the inherent feature of the MRM that captures and reports marketing performance is exactly what is required to continuously hone the marketing message and deploy increasingly effective communications and programs.

In all, the MRM is a breath of fresh air, a solution whose time has come, bringing collaboration, performance and productivity to global marketing, visibility and relevance to the brand in these worst of all times.

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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