Agility and Effectiveness are Required to Meet Today’s Demands on Campaign Management


The demands on global marketing for campaign management are changing from day to day. Global marketers need to think differently, react immediately, and implement campaigns in the extremely short term if they are to succeed.
This requires both agility and effectiveness. Global marketing teams must be able to collaborate from anywhere, and be supported by systems that enable automated workflows, visibility, access to content, and real-time results, all from a single platform (one version of the truth).

A marketing resource management (MRM) platform brings global marketing departments increased agility and effectiveness by providing visibility into two key functions:

  1. Transparent campaign planning and execution to reduce cycle times
  2. Performance measurement to quickly know what’s working and what’s not.

Together, these two functions enhance your ability to pivot to greater levels of achievement.

Visibility into campaign planning and execution to reduce cycle times

You need to harvest time to think creatively. Manual processes work against you. They are time-consuming and error-prone.

Gartner, in a recent 2020 survey of international marketers reported:

Many marketers use archaic methods like email and spreadsheets or insufficient task or project tools to track the requests and team’s workload. These methods are consuming to manage and do not allow for adequate intake and request review processes, backlog and prioritization management.

The right MRM platform enables marketers to streamline campaign planning and management across multiple regions, stakeholders and agencies via a single point of information and direction. You can manage budgets in real-time, optimize performance, automate workflows, create and distribute content across all regions.

It enables the superior communication and collaboration of decentralized and work-from-home teams to respond quickly, accurately, and creatively.

In short, it brings you the control you need to truly manage every campaign, to reduce waste, to transform traditional waterfall process to more flexible and cost-efficient Kanban agile workflows.

Customers of the BrandMaker, a marketing operations platform, have been able to reduce cycle time by as much as 50%.

Performance measurement to quickly know what’s working and what’s not

The right MRM platform brings the ability to quickly improve, based on real-world, real-time results. The reporting and analytic capabilities are robust as the MRM platform is able to consolidate often disparate data from all elements of the marketing stack. This results in a single source of marketing truth and a solid basis for decision making. In short, another contributor to agility.

Increasing marketing’s contribution now, when it counts most

Mirko Holzer, Founder & CEO of BrandMaker recently wrote for the Forbes Technology Council,

…  agility means the ability to know very quickly what works and what doesn’t, to learn fast and fail fast, to update the marketing plan on a dime and then push those changes throughout a global organization so everyone is on the same page and can successfully execute as a cohesive, coordinated team.

In short, a MRM brings you agility. Agility gives you marketing superpowers.

BrandMaker has enabled us to speak with one voice, have one source of truth, and do much, much more with the budget we have.


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