A New Path Needed for Campaign Management in the New Normal


We are at a crisis point in enterprise marketing … the point where marketers recognize they simply don’t have the budgets, the time, or the personnel to meet the full range of demands for worldwide campaign management in what has become the “new normal” (and is likely our future).

What global marketers need now, and do not have

So what are the key elements of new normal and future campaign planning and management? Global enterprise marketing leaders say they need the visibility and flexibility for the agile allocation of time, talent, and budgets to achieve optimal campaign impact. They need software that will allow them to:

  • automate workflows that eliminate redundancy, reduce tedious tasks, and increase productivity of leaner staffs,
  • check availability of resources and help optimize their allocation,
  • brief all members of designated development teams and ensure them secure access to all relevant content resources online,
  • easily adapt campaign content across all geographies, segments, and product versions.

Those are the table stakes, here’s what’s missing

The employee experience is often overlooked, but with the COVID-dominated changes to the workplace it is now critical. Marketing leaders need a solution that will also:

  • reduce wasted time working with the wrong docs or handling projects manually that leads to frustration and misdirection and
  • protect the cohesion and morale of creative workers scattered across cultures, time zones, companies, specialties, and yes, bedrooms… or simply
  • help keep people happy, committed, and focused.

Two issues that must be avoided

These global marketing leaders also say that there are two issues a true campaign management solution must address, or it will fail.

The first is the difficulty of juggling a potpourri of point solutions. We hear of stacks with more than 90 unconnected “solutions”. That’s hardly a solution! It is a point of monumental frustration and inefficiency. BrandMaker is built on the integration of data from disparate systems.

The second issue comes from companies that are trying to force a single generic workflow solution across the corporation, marketing included. Major advisory services conclude that ignoring the critical need of campaign management to integrate content and budget dimensions leaves gaping holes that cripple marketing operations. BrandMaker gives marketing superpowers.

What the future looks like

Gartner has stated that the future demands that global enterprise marketing embrace true integrated operations, which they have named marketing work management (MWM). In fact, Gartner predicts that 60% of marketing teams will be running a marketing work management platform in the next three years.

Will you be in the vanguard, or struggling with outdated tools?

Read more about “What Does 21st Century Campaign Management Look Like” in the Linkedin post by BrandMaker’s CEO Mirko Holzer.

What our customers achieve

BrandMaker presents the opportunity to help the marketing function become an even more significant business asset globally, satisfying today’s challenges and meeting future needs.

Today, our customers achieve:

  • Up to 50 % reduction of the cycle times of standardized jobs
  • Up to 60 % reduction in the number of project cancellations
  • Up to 30 % decrease in agency iterations
  • Up to 45 % reduction in approval lead times.

Consider this:

Gartner has put BrandMaker in the top “sophisticated” category of MWM for having features and functionality that “support a complex marketing environment and provide insights for executive decisions.” You can get more details in BrandMaker’s press release.

Forrester has rated BrandMaker as a Leader in the latest Forrester Wave Report, in the top quadrant for strategy and for our current offering.

The new path for campaign management

If we are to listen and learn from industry experts, respected analysts, and the results of BrandMaker customers, the road to the future for global enterprise marketers is MWM.

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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