9 Tips for Optimizing Your Work Management in Marketing


In times of an ever-increasing number of regions, channels and parallel campaigns, how can marketers make their operational processes more efficient, fast and successful? The new e-book from BrandMaker provides the answer: With the help of modern Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions, campaigns can be managed today with increased agility and intelligence!

Global marketing teams are under enormous pressure. Expectations of worldwide campaign success are particularly high in today’s difficult times, budgets must be tightly managed and timeframes are decreasing. It is more important than ever that the collaboration and coordination of the teams as well as the localization of the campaign run smoothly so that the campaign launch and success are not jeopardized.

Successfully plan and implement global and local campaigns

The awareness that the complexity of global campaign planning today can only be mastered with the help of the most advanced digital tools has reached senior marketing management: “By 2023, 60% of marketing teams will be fully operating a marketing work management platform and consider it both a necessary and elementary platform in their adtech and martech stack,” according to Gartner.  Whether it’s campaign planning, quickly finding the right material during the implementation process, or managing and aligning localized campaigns, the right MRM solution can automate tasks, optimize workflows, and accelerate coordination and approval processes – efficiently across all teams worldwide.

Agile and smart campaign management

The new BrandMaker e-book provides 9 tips for successful campaign management. As an example you will learn how to control strategy, budgets and campaign implementation from a central platform.

Optimized teamwork – The BrandMaker MRM platform helps you improve collaboration within your company as well as with agencies and partners. You avoid silos and promote effective communication across geographical and cultural borders.

Automated approval processes – Even excellently planned campaigns can be jeopardized by time-consuming review and approval processes as well as errors caused by cumbersome e-mail back and forth.

Content availability – By managing content centrally and making it available in as many formats as possible, you facilitate local customization and ensure efficient and rapid implementation.

Performance measurement – Via the BrandMaker MRM platform, you have access to the latest data and figures at any time, structured and clearly arranged. This allows you to measure the performance of your campaigns in real time and optimize them immediately.

How it works in practice

The tips for successful campaign management are based on BrandMaker experts’ many years of experience with customer projects. How can the tips be implemented in everyday marketing? In a customer case study, we show you how a leading manufacturer of lenses and frames manages its campaigns in 85 countries from one platform, ensuring brand clarity and consistency.

Read the e-book now or watch the on-demand webinar!

How can complexity be reduced? How do you avoid teams’ unnecessary and repetitive work worldwide? How can you increase productivity and save time? How do you gain agility in implementation and ensure success ? How do you control  your brand globally? – You can learn all this in the new BrandMaker e-book.

E-Book and Webinar are now online: Download the “9 tips for successful campaign management” here or watch the webinar and gain useful insights for your own global marketing management!

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