The Road to Making Enterprise Marketing Operations Smarter and More Productive


Perhaps it’s fair to say that we are all evolving, pushed by the business realities of the pandemic into making changes that, at best, are educated guesses. Marketing operations is an area prime for evolution and circumstances. New technologies designed specifically for global marketing are making substantial improvements.

Enterprise marketers are seeing the demands for programs and implementations become more urgent and more dramatic because of the pressures of changing market conditions. Here are some findings from the analysts:

  • Gartner predicts that 60% of marketing teams will be running a marketing work management platform in the next three years
  • 80% believe their global marketing organization will be more productive and collaborative because Covid-19 has changed how they work
  • Over 90% will increase investment in the digital transformation of marketing processes.

To find the way to a better day, it’s helpful to look at how some marketing professionals are analyzing the situation and the steps they are taking.

How to analyze and increase your marketing ops maturity

The road ahead appears clear to these enterprise marketers, and it is the evolution, or maturation of marketing ops. It is apparent from our experience as a marketing operations management solutions provider that as the operations infrastructure matures through digitization, automation, and integration ROI improves on many levels:

  • Marketing is more efficient and effective
  • Marketers have more time to think
  • Profit market increases.

This is the subject of the new whitepaper from BrandMaker, The Next Evolution in Enterprise Marketing Operations which analyzes and illuminates this process of maturation from both a strategy and practical implementation point-of-view. The way to marketing ops maturity through automation, digitalization, and integration. The goal of the whitepaper is to enable your marketing organization to achieve substantial improvements in efficiency, control, and speed-to-market.

The 3 stages of marketing ops maturity

It’s helpful first to take a step back and bring the entire landscape into focus so that the route to achievement can be understood and plotted. In working with enterprise marketing groups at leading multi-national companies over the last decade, we have identified three stages of “marketing operations maturity”:

  • Stage 1: Numerous individual stand-alone processes with few integrations and minimal workflow integration.
  • Stage 2: Individual processes clustered into multiple modules with some integrated functions, basic financial integration, and management dashboards.
  • Stage 3: Fully-Integrated marketing stacks that deliver real-time visibility and control of marketing functions as well as integration with functions outside of marketing (SFDC, Oracle, SAP, etc.)

Far from an intellectual construct, this model sets the stage for the balance of the whitepaper, which is a guide to making your ops smarter and more productive. Also included are:

  • A 3-step plan to engage your team in assessing your needs
  • 7-point spider chart to evaluate your relative strengths and weaknesses
  • The means to compare your profile with other companies.

A copy of The Next Evolution in Enterprise Marketing Operations is yours for the asking, because we are in the business of helping organizations like yours unleash your marketing superpowers!

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