A Higher Level of Marketing Operations Efficiency


Enterprise marketing operations is currently running at a lower level of efficiency and effectiveness, and we’ve come to accept that as the norm. Our research over the last decade shows that global marketing departments spend 80% of their time and energy on just “making marketing happen”. This consumption of marketing’s time and energy leaves little room to actually show your marketing prowess.

Let’s move past these norms, and think bigger, much bigger about what marketing operations can accomplish. Let’s imagine a future where the functional areas within marketing operations work as a team to increase efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and enable marketing to do what it does best (and what it is supposed to be doing), creating and delivering exceptional and engaging customer experiences.

Martech stack management is a major opportunity to increase ops efficiency

Our work with enterprise marketing organizations over the past decade identifies martech stack management and a key lever. Stack management is doing a great job ensuring that each point solution in the stack is delivering on its promise within its purview. However, if we want to move to the next level of maturity, we to think about getting a whole lot more from this function.

Currently, the data from each element of the stack is stand-alone and siloed, which can only be marginally effective in increasing the efficiency of ops as a whole. Moreover, this stands in the way of teams maximizing their interdependencies and workflows. Teams, and functional areas, are islands, and that is the norm.

Data makes the world go round: 3 critical success factors

We need to think bigger – instead of islands, we need all the teams and the functional areas to work together as a fine-tuned machine. Martech stack management must retool and refocus on the next level of optimization where true data connectivity is the norm, integrating data across the stack and organizational silos, establishing a conversation with legacy systems, bringing it all to your desktop. This is the connectivity needed if ops is to attain maturity and thus its full potential for efficiency.

We’ve identified 3 critical success factors for stack management to achieve the seamless integration and full utilization of all marketing technologies:

  1. Adaptive, automated integrations of all external and internal data that keeps pace with the evolution of individual solutions (and they evolve quickly).
  2. Faster and consistent processes, as well as information and data flows across different systems and teams, increasing visibility, control, and cost accountability.
  3. Resolution of the complexity and fragmentation of internal and departmental silos, bringing all data to one platform, to your desktop, for one source of the truth that enables better, faster, more effective decision-making.

Food for thought

To give you an idea of the vast potential there is in thinking bigger about marketing operations, in doing much better at martech stack management and optimization, consider this:

  • According the Chief Martec, the average enterprise marketing stack consists of 120 point solutions
  • Gartner’s recent Marketing Technology Survey finds that global marketing departments only utilize, “on average, 58% of their stack’s full breadth of capabilities”.

That’s a lot of horsepower that we can turn into achievement.

A whole new ballgame

Thinking bigger about martech stack management means:

  • The capability to wrest more intelligence more quickly in more ways from the siloed stack you’ve already invested in creating.
  • Increased data accuracy, reduced administrative overhead, simplified workflows, optimized collaboration with internal as well external stakeholders.
  • A higher level of efficiency and the enablement, without corporate IT’s direct involvement.
  • The single source of truth marketers need to control, measure, and optimize their ROI in real-time.

There’s a lot more to learn

BrandMaker’s new whitepaper, Your MarTech Stack is Capable of Much, Much More, is a deep exploration of the opportunity that thinking bigger about martech stack management presents. Your copy is available by clicking HERE.

Then let’s talk, not just about stack management, but about how BrandMaker can transform your marketing operations into a powerhouse of efficiency.

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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