The Roadmap to Marketing Operations Efficiency


Marketing operations maturity is the roadmap to capturing the potential for ops to dramatically increase efficiency and effectiveness. This maturity drives marketing agility by connecting and leveraging technology, automating workflows, increasing control, improving performance, and bringing real-time accountability to budget and planning.

As ops maturity increases, so does marketing’s ability to consistently deliver a personalized and rewarding customer experience in the face of rapidly changing marketing conditions.

The 3 stages of the road to maturity

Operations maturity is a journey and we have defined 3 waypoints or stages. The achievement of each stage brings significant benefit to ops, and thus to the larger marketing organization.

  • Stage 1: Numerous individual stand-alone processes with few integrations and minimal workflow integration.
  • Stage 2: Individual processes clustered into multiple modules with some integrated functions, basic financial integration, and management dashboards.
  • Stage 3: Fully-Integrated marketing stacks that deliver real-time visibility and control of marketing functions as well as integration with functions outside of marketing (SFDC, Oracle, SAP, etc.)

Identifying the current stage of your operations is the first step in your maturity action plan. We’ll give you the tools to construct this action plan later in this blog.

The 3 on-ramps to maximizing efficiency

Our concept of marketing ops maturity is based on decades of working with global marketers and their organizations. Experiencer shows that organizations begin on the road to maturity because of a distinct and identifiable pain point. There are 3 such paths or entry points.

Budget / Performance Measurement

Real-time calculation of ROI from credible metrics, and the rapid and reliable reporting of spend, impact, and ROI globally, regionally, and locally.

Workflow Effectiveness

The automation of time-consuming, error-prone, mind-numbing repetitive tasks brings the human element back into marketing.

Global Asset Distribution

A central DAM can meet the need for clarity and control of the global distribution of tested, effective and brand-compliant marketing assets.

From stage 1 to stage 3: A case in point

Here is an overview of the journey and the achievements of a BrandMaker customer. They are one of the best examples of the many benefits that a commitment to maturity can bring.

This large metropolitan hospital has a constant need for marketing to produce effective, brand-consistent promotional materials. The need is broad, spanning simple banners and communications, to brochures and communications, complex patient stories and visual assets. Their goal was to become significantly more efficient.

The workflow path:

BrandMaker was introduced into the hospital as marketing’s project management system. Demand was growing and marketing was struggling with workflow – from initial order through approvals. Most of their demand is paper-based.

Step 2: Creation of the project management reports and data to enable strategic planning. Improved budget accountability.

Step 3: Creation of templates for recurring jobs and make all assets available from a central DAM. Automation of repetitive workflows.

The net result is faster turn-around, brand consistency, cost reduction, and ROI accountability.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Workflow Workflow Automation Planning/ Accountability Templates / DAM

Tools to help you think big about operations

Big improvements require big ideas. Here are 3 we’ve prepared for you:

The Next Evolution in Enterprise Marketing Operations, our new whitepaper, analyzes and illuminates this process of maturation from both a strategic and practical implementation perspective. Please download a copy HERE.

The Marketing Maturity Map microsite is an online interactive tool we developed to help marketing ops teams to formulate their maturity action plan. Teams can agree on where they are, where they want to go, and the priorities for getting there.

Access our new report: BrandMaker’s 3 Priorities for Global Marketers in 2021 to understand more about the challenges and opportunities for providing high-quality customers experiences, streamlining low-value, labor-intensive work, and embracing agility to meet the realities of marketing post-pandemic.

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