Enterprise-based Organizations View Marketing Operations as Top Priority in 2021


BrandMaker’s Pulse is a series of global research studies focused on issues and challenges effecting international marketing organizations. A key finding of our latest 2021 study is the increasing importance of marketing operations, with 62% of CMO’s wanting their teams to spend more time on marketing operations, equaling the need for more time on marketing strategies (62%).

The Pulse survey confirms marketing operations is no longer a luxury but a “must have” for CMO’s managing enterprise-level organizations.  Trying to stay on top of constantly changing projects and budgets using excel sheets is no longer seen by CMOs as the way to optimize the ROI of their marketing operations.

Thinking Bigger About Marketing Operations

A significant majority of CMOs (94%) see inadequate technology to support marketing operations and new workflows as key barriers to effectively responding to changing market environments. CMOs (90%) also struggle with global campaign coordination. Other barriers included integration of information across global markets and lack of access to real-time budget visibility.

Consistent with our Pulse findings, a recent report from Gartner states that marketing operations is now one of the top three concerns of CMOs today. Gartner’s CMO Priorities report, also consistent with our Pulse report, identifies operations as the top skill area CMOs want to upgrade.

Importantly, 100% of the CMOs we surveyed have a marketing operations function and most (70%) have a dedicated marketing ops team. Most of these teams (73%) are responsible for both martech and tracking campaign performance.

Based on the acknowledgement by CMOs of its growing importance, we would say that it’s indeed time to Think Bigger about marketing operations since marketing ops today is everything that makes marketing happen. As a result, we need to change the way we think about marketing ops. We no longer can “get by” with “thinking small”. It is now time to align our thinking with marketing ops new-found importance and start to “think bigger”!

Your Path to Competitive Advantage

Thinking Bigger about marketing operations can be a path to competitive advantage. But it will require a continued change in how we think about operations. A key part of the new way to think about marketing operations is to understand what’s possible.

Marketing ops has now become a necessity as evidenced by our recent Pulse Study and is the platform for everything you do in marketing. The operation of marketing involves nearly everyone and everything you do. There’s nothing that marketing produces that does not require a set of processes, data, technologies and, yes, people to make it all happen?

A Word from Our CEO

BrandMaker CEO, Mirko Holzer, believes our Pulse Research “continues to show a sea-change in the way senior marketing executives now view marketing ops as a critical function. They realize the huge opportunity marketing ops presents to enable efficient and agile marketing organizations that deliver measurable results for their business. The research affirms our mission to continue working with global customers to solve the complexity of their marketing ops by removing silos and providing seamless marketing ops orchestration.”

BrandMaker’s “ROI of Marketing” Webinar Series

Understanding the importance of the need to think bigger about marketing operations, BrandMaker is launching a series of on-demand webinars focused on the ROI of Marketing Operations. Our series includes the following webinars:

  1. Measuring the ROI of Your Marketing Operations
  2. ROI Impact of World Class Marketing Operations
  3. Think Bigger About Marketing Operations
  4. Five Starting Points to Boost ROI of Marketing Operations

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