Increase Campaign and Budget Efficiency through the Focus on ROI


One thing we can all be sure of going forward is that the enterprise will increasingly rely on marketing to accomplish two key goals:

  1. The creation of excellent, engaging, and differentiating customer experiences,
  2. A demonstrable and improvable Return on Investment (ROI).

It may surprise you to know that marketing operations has the untapped potential to kick both of these goals into the stratosphere. Right now, our experience shows that enterprise marketing teams spend 80% of their time and energy on implementation – making marketing happen. That doesn’t leave a lot of oxygen in the room for making a difference in strategy and creativity.

To get more time for the strategic thinking that creates those customer experiences we need to begin to think bigger about operations and achieve great strides in campaign, budget and work efficiency.

Three paths to increased operations efficiency and effectiveness

Our experience is that enterprise marketing organization begin leveraging ROI, and increasing both the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, by concentrating on one of three paths:

  • Marketing & Campaign Planning: transparency and control in goal setting, program communication and collaboration, calendar and project management
  • Finance & Budget Management: one source of the truth for budget allocation, management and reconciliation, PO distribution, invoice handling and status reports, currency translation, management reporting
  • Work & Resource Management: automate and streamline processes including project execution, task management, and resource allocation to facilitate agency briefing, creative reviews and approval processes.

To improve ROI it’s time to think bigger

Think about it – the more efficient operations becomes, the more time marketing has to concentrate on creating the experiences. It means a faster time-to-market at a lower cost. Ops can increase marketing’s ability to respond to market changes with agility, take advantage of opportunities efficiently, and contribute to the comradery, creativity, and fulfillment of the team.

Think Bigger About Marketing Operations

The way to accomplish this, and prove this, is by focusing on ROI as the metric of success. Management is demanding it.

BrandMaker’s ROI “think bigger” webinars

Management may be demanding a reliable and a steadily improving operations ROI, but all the pieces may not be in place. To this point, we’ve all thought pretty small about ops, and assumed this way just the way things are done – it is what it is.

That’s why BrandMaker has created a series of four webinars to give you the who, what, why, and how of ROI and marketing operations. We want to share our experiences and expertise to help your organization meet the new corporate demands for efficiency and effectiveness.

Unlock the ROI of your marketing operations

It’s now the case that enterprise marketing operations simply cannot manage the escalating demands of data and digital communications manually. Gartner has recently reported that marketing operations is now one of the top three concerns of CMOs. Our series of on-demand webinars focuses on how you can maximize the ROI of marketing operations. They are yours for the asking.

  1. Measuring the ROI of your marketing operations: focused on the calculation and how improvements in operations maturity drive improvements in ROI.
  1. The ROI impact of world class marketing ops: illuminates the strategic case for marketing resource management – the digitization that aligns teams, agencies, campaigns, sales and marketing, brand and markets.
  1. Think bigger about marketing ops: 3 case studies of companies who did think bigger (and what they got): these are the proof points from customers.
  1. Five starting points to boost ROI of marketing ops: goes into the rational for and results of these five proven strategies.

Our ROI webinar resources are waiting for you HERE

These webinars are designed and produced to bring you the rationale, the “how to”, and the customer stories needed to transform your marketing operations from “it is what it is” to a efficient, transparent machine that enables the true orchestration of marketing.

To find out more about how BrandMaker can help your enterprise marketing organization unleash your marketing superpowers, please visit our website, speak with an expert, or arrange for a personal demonstration.

Dunja Riehemann By Dunja Riehemann

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