Marketing Ops Critical to Effective Campaign Planning & Workflow Management


BrandMaker’s Pulse is a series of global research studies focused on issues and challenges effecting international marketing organizations. An important finding in our second in a series from this research study indicates marketing operations as a key area of investment for improving campaign management and workflow management in 2021.

Those enterprise-based companies spending more on marketing operations solutions in 2021 have identified “marketing and campaign planning” and “optimization of workflow and resource allocation” as key areas for investment.

Thinking Bigger About Marketing Operations

The findings in this research study support the fact that in today’s enterprise marketing environment, marketing ops has become the central nervous system of marketing. As are result, we need to think bigger about marketing operations.  Consistent with the importance of marketing operations, the study finds that 99% of marketing leaders want to see their marketing operations improve.

Marketing leaders (73%) view planning, developing, and implementing marketing campaigns as a critical function for their marketing ops teams. This number increases to 80% in companies with 5,000 or more employees.  Areas of focus include:

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Campaign and Workflow Management Challenges Impact Marketing Success

Global campaign coordination challenges impact marketing programs - grafic brandmaker pulse

Top barriers marketing teams face in responding to changing market environments

When asked to describe the top barriers that their marketing teams face in effectively responding to changing market environments, 94% of CMOs listed the following:

  • Inadequate technology to support efficient marketing ops and new workflow (39%)
  • Lack of access to real-time budget visibility (34%)
  • Struggle to integrate and correlate information from across the organization (33%)
  • Inflexible processes which hamper collaboration, agility and quick decision-making (29%)
  • Difficulty to adjust campaigns for optimal global impact (28%)

BrandMaker’s “ROI of Marketing” Case Studies

Understanding the importance of the need to think bigger about marketing operations, BrandMaker has developed several case studies addressing these marketing operations challenges as relates to marketing and campaign planning:

Marketing and Campaign Planning (2 customer stories)

Customer #1: A leading global professional services company was challenged by trying to manage over 100 entities and over 1000 individual users within their campaign planning process. The additional challenge was trying to manage this via excel sheets. BrandMaker’s Marketing & Campaign solution resulted in:

  • A refined content management system that reduced processing time by 20%
  • A $200M marketing spend is now being refined and processed through BrandMaker, creating total transparency and visibility in real time across all stakeholders.

Customer #2: A multi-national consumer electronics retailer was faced with the challenge of trying to manage and track ad campaigns in over 40 regions using excel files. The 40 regional planners inputted the information into excel files on a daily basis for input into their financial system. BrandMaker’s Marketing & Campaign solution resulted in:

  • Improved budget management by 3% of overall marketing spend
  • Improved content creation and speed to market by 25%

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