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Brand is just One of The Marketing Resources That Need To Be Managed


As some of you may know, I do market research on software vendors and products through  interviews with marketing practitioners. I always approach my topics from the business point of view – instead of a technology category/label only familiar to product managers in software companies, or analysts at Gartner or Forrester, I name a business process (or family of processes) that I know marketers are thinking about. After all, marketing executives don’t sign cheques for software because they are collectors, they want to make their processes more efficient and expect an automation project will help. (more…)

You Want ALL Your Marketers To Be Able To Promote Your Brand Safely


Brand consistency is really important these days. In our recent survey across 1500 businesses globally, we asked for the #1 investment area in the brand content management space and top of the list was consolidated management of all content assets, closely followed by brand analytics. Also very important was managing the brand message across the company followed, interestingly, by using bots to drive brand awareness. (more…)

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