Enterprise-based Organizations View Marketing Operations as Top Priority in 2021

Read more about the key findings from our survery with dimensional research BrandMaker Blog Marketing Operations

BrandMaker’s Pulse is a series of global research studies focused on issues and challenges effecting international marketing organizations. A key finding of our latest 2021 study is the increasing importance of marketing operations, with 62% of CMO’s wanting their teams to spend more time on marketing operations, equaling the need for more time on marketing strategies (62%). (more…)

A Higher Level of Marketing Operations Efficiency

A Higher Level of Marketing Operations Efficiency Blog Post

Enterprise marketing operations is currently running at a lower level of efficiency and effectiveness, and we’ve come to accept that as the norm. Our research over the last decade shows that global marketing departments spend 80% of their time and energy on just “making marketing happen”. This consumption of marketing’s time and energy leaves little room to actually show your marketing prowess. (more…)

4 Challenges in 2021 that Global Marketers Must Solve

4 challenges in 2021 that global marketers must solve

Mirko Holzer, CEO of BrandMaker began his recent Forbes article with a sobering observation, One critical lesson we learned in 2020 is that it’s impossible to know what is coming next.”

Certainly, he’s right. We do not have a crystal ball, but we do have BrandMaker Pulse, our global qualitative study into the key issues affecting international marketing organizations. (more…)

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Work Management in Marketing

9 tips for optimizing your work management in marketing

In times of an ever-increasing number of regions, channels and parallel campaigns, how can marketers make their operational processes more efficient, fast and successful? The new e-book from BrandMaker provides the answer: With the help of modern Marketing Resource Management (MRM) solutions, campaigns can be managed today with increased agility and intelligence! (more…)

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