Map The Buyer Journey To Find Digital Marketing Gold


Customer_Engagement_Journey_MapsPush marketing is out, pull marketing is in. The key to B2B digital marketing success is making it effortless for prospects to fulfill their own specific content needs. As a marketer, you need to map the buyer journey to a selection of relevant content pieces, and let prospects choose what appeals to them. This approach will maximize the consumption of the content you create – a key success factor on the path to achieving digital marketing excellence. Here’s why.

Out of office but still up-to-date


out_of_officeWhatever your planning looks like, the holiday season is always approaching  more quickly than expected.

You probably have a long list of small action items to finish before you, inevitably, forget to activate your out-of-office reply, and have to walk back to your desk. I always wonder who is in the office to read all the out-of-office messages anyway.


3 Failure Points to Avoid in your Digital Marketing Planning


If I say the number “918”, it probably won’t immediately ring a bell. Still, it’s an important number.

918 turns out to be the average number of unique content-touchpoints to facilitate a typical customer journey for a brand today. It takes an average of 7 touches to convert a “suspect” to a “prospect”, and often another 9 and 11 touches before a deal closes. (more…)

How to Dismantle the Exploding Workload of Digital Marketing


Psychologist often say “we live in a modern world with a prehistoric brain”. Well, for marketing you could say “we live in a digital world with a pre-digital organizational mindset”. The rise of digital, in combination with the “cleansing effects” of the 2001 and 2007 recessions, has completely changed the scope and the role of marketers. Although roles and expectations have changed, reality shows that the organizations and processes in which most marketers operate, still party like it’s 1999. (more…)

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