How can you wring every drop of efficiency from marketing ops, and prove it?

cost vs time

Enterprises are mandating that marketing up its game and create ever-more engaging and differentiating customer experiences. To do that, marketing must become significantly more efficient in deploying their budget, because huge budget increases are simply not happening.

Management recognizes that marketing, to realize these huge efficiency increases, requires perspective, and measurement. They have also mandated that marketing achieve and prove efficiency by reporting ROI, or return on investment.

To meet these challenges, marketing must think differently, and significantly bigger about operations. Two examples of smaller thinking, and the status quo, are:

  1. Currently, marketing operations is defined as the processes and people that make marketing happen. For many, these processes are informal and inefficient, and require a great deal of human interaction which increases cost, time, and uncertainty.

In our experience, marketing ops takes up 80% of marketing’s time and energy, leaving very little air in the room for strategy.

  1. The financial know-how to impose measurement rules, gather and analyze reliable data, and report ROI to management is simply not requisite in marketing ops.
  • In our recent Pulse survey of senior marketing executives:
  • 65% report that they struggle to simplify operational data into meaningful insights.
  • 41% report issues making sense of too many data sources.
  • A third (33%) said they would react with fear or dread if they needed to pull together an emergency status report for their executive team.

Here’s where the bigger thinking comes in

We’ve worked in the trenches with marketing ops professionals for the last dozen years, and to meet these new mandates, two things are clear as a bell:

  1. Marketing ops has to grow. We have to think much bigger about marketing ops if we are to meet the challenges before us. Marketing ops must come to be defined as the people, processes, finance, technology, and data that make marketing happen.
  2. Start with calculating the ROI of where ops is right now.

You may not have all the tools and all the skills, but you will be turning a corner. The process will shine a harsh light on ops and help you begin to see what’s working and what’s not. You may use assumptions now, but it’s the first step in imposing measurement and, as Peter Drucker has said repeatedly, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.”

It’s also the start of your dialog with management about change. It’s the line in the sand, the ROI benchmark.

How do we get started?

We’ve created a guide for senior enterprise marketers – the insights, templates, and tools we know will get you started on developing your financial chops.

It’s called Think Bigger to Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing Operations Guidebook. It’s a “follow the money” way of seeing where the budget goes and and how to leverage ops to squeeze out every bit of efficiency. You’ll come out the other end with priorities, questions, and a benchmark ROI.

And, it is yours for the asking, by please clicking HERE.

BrandMaker is a partner for the future of ops

Every day we bring a dual commitment to work. The first is to continue to push the envelope in the simplification and digitization of marketing ops through our next-generation technology, and hands-on, can-do consulting. The second is to share our professional operations background, insights, and expertise with the industry, to partner with customers, and to be the tide that floats all boats.

Start thinking bigger today

 Download your copy of Think Bigger to Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing Operations Guidebook today.

Or, if you’d like to discuss the complexities of your organization with an ops consultant to find out more about a process assessment, please click HERE. You can also schedule a personalized demo of BrandMaker’s powerful suite of solutions by please clicking HERE.



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